Who is this for?
Purchase and Refinance within a Self Managed Super Fund

Up to 80% LVR or $1.5M

Rates From:
3.95 % at 40% LVR to 5.2% at 80% LVR

Residential Security

Borrowing Entities:
Company as Trustee for a Self Managed Super Fund

Qualifying Rate Stress:
Applicants may need to establish an ability to service the loan without relying on superannuation contributions or fund income

Purchase or Refinance

Servicing Requirements:
80% of rental income.
Prior SMSF Contribution Statement
Income Deemed at 3.9%
Debt service ratio coverage of at least 1.25 times calculated at 3.9% + 2% stress

Not Applicable as no trailer income is paid

Credit Impairments:

Lenders Settlement:
$995 – $1045 from settlement

Union Fidelity:
1.1% from settlement.
0.1% of loan amount Processing Fee. (min $990)

Introducing Broker: 
1.1% from settlement

Standard Commercial From $1 per $1000 in value with no travel (Usually $330)

Legal Fees Std Fees From
$695 existing SMSF Review Fee