Full Doc Rural Loan Facilities

Who is this for?

Uncoded Loans – Business Purposes – Non NCCP Loans

Up to 60% LVR

1-15 year loan terms

Rates From:
7.5% to 9.25%

Rural Only -Income Producing

Geographical Limitations to:
The Eastern Seaboard of Australia

Borrowing Entities:
Companies and Trusts

Qualifying Rate Stress:
2% Above Effective Rate

Purchase / Refinance / Consolidation
Business or Investment

Servicing Requirements:
Last 2 years Personal and Business Financial Statements, Tax Returns and Assessment Notices
6 months business and personal bank statements & 6 months statements for any other credit facilities
Projections and Actual’s to Date

Not Applicable as no trailer income is paid

Credit Impairments:
On a case-by-case basis

Lenders Settlement:
1-1.25% from settlement
Union Fidelity:
1.1% from settlement. 0.1% of loan amount Processing Fee. (min $990)

Introducing Broker:
1.1% from settlement

Valuations will be undertaken on the basis of land + fixed non-specialised buildings excluding chattels, crops, irrigation, water allocation.
All valuations will be undertaken on the basis that the property is readily salable within a 6 month period.

Legal Fees
Std Fees From $650 with no existing mortgage