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There are 4 levels of Construction facilities we consider

$250k- $1M
$1M – $5M
$5M – $10M
$10M to $130M


After 18 months of attempting to refinance through numerous brokers our $25M Construction Facility with an Australian Bank , I was relieved that our broker went to Union Fidelity - they sought to get us face-to-face with their Investor on a restructured basis - and we settled the refinance in 20 days - saving our facility from entering Mortgagee in Possession (as we had difficulties Internationally from COVID) and the Australian Bank didn't want to have any blow-back.

OldrichDirector of International Property Development Company

It's nice to know that no matter how much my client changes the lay of the land with his scenario.... Union Fidelity will work with me to finalise the proposal.

Finance Broker NSW

I looked through this website, and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for….. I had been searching for 6 months… within 36 hours- I had the funder’s offer … and settled within 17 days. I couldn’t believe how my options opened up with just one email

Ben – mortgage broker – Melbourne

I usually like to look after my client’s from start to finish, and then after settlement, however there are some loans that my aggregator just cannot attend to…. I know that Union Fidelity will work with me to finalise loans with my stewardship – providing me with so many options that previously wouldn’t have been available to me… without trying to take my clients. Thanks for the continued support guys

James – Finance Broker & Accountant

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