Union Fidelity Pty.Ltd
Dispute and Complaint Resolution

Union Fidelity™ Pty Ltd recognises the need to review internal procedures independently to ensure the services provided as an Irregular Mortgage Solutions Provider are done so commercially with integrity and honesty and will meet all regulatory and commercial standards of probity.


How to lodge a Complaint regarding a dispute.


The person responsible for all complaints and disputes is:
Hugh Ross – LL.B (UNE) LL.M (UNSW) M. Econ (Syd) – Director Legal Services and can be contacted on :
Telephone: (Direct) 02 9247 9066 or Mobile: 0421 918 777
Email: hugh(at)unionfidelity.com.au
In writing: Union Fidelity Pty Ltd
P O Box H140

The (Internal & External) Complaint Process

( there is NO cost to you in this Process )
Please explain in as much detail as you can the nature of your complaint.
In your complaint please provide the following:-
(i) Your full name (and status in the transaction)
(ii) A full description as to what has caused your complaint and the basis of your claim
(iii) Any additional information which supports your claim.
Please do not send any original material – we may request copies later.
(iv) How you believe we can both resolve this complaint.

Mutual Interest

It is in our mutual interest to understand each other’s points of view and with this in mind we seek to reach a mutual understanding and settlement as our overall objective.
As such we note:
(i) It is not obligatory to meet face to face however it may help later to work through issues if this is necessary and agreeable.
(ii) We ask you to approach your complaint with an open mind as a reasonable person would do without pre-conceived decisions to the exclusion of other input.
(iii) If either party requests supporting documentation (except that subject to legal privilege) it will be provided in the spirit that the complaint may reasonably be assisted to be resolved if this information is provided.


We will confirm receipt of your complaint within 48 business hours of receipt. We will advise you as we reach each stage with your complaint.
We will endeavor to finalise any complaint within 60 business days or a reasonable extension of time advising you during the process.

External Dispute Resolution

In the event we fail to resolve the matter we will advise you as to the ASIC approved External Dispute Resolution Scheme (EDR).
We are members of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) Their contact details are :-
Telephone (free): 1800 931 678
Website: www.afca.org.au
EDR is a free service to the complainant as an independent and external service to resolve such matters.