Large Scale Development Englobo Land

Who is this for?
Companies and Trusts

Up to 65% LVR of Land Only (Site Acquisition)

Rates From:
1st RM 8.5-12.5%

Loan Amounts From:
$5M to $80M
Higher Loan Amounts Available if quality of development substantiates

Residential and Commercial Securities in Security risk category 1&2 only on the Eastern Seaboard

Purchase or Refinance of Large Scale Property Development Englobo Land

Prepaid Interest for the Loan Term
This is able to be facilitated and drawn down against the loan amount only in the event that there is a Corporate Borrower, and an Accountants Letter is provided to verify serviceability at the conclusion of the loan.

Not generally a requirement, however may become required at higher GRV Borrowings and higher risk sites

Credit Impairments:
On a case-by-case basis

Lenders Settlement:
1.5% from settlement

Lenders Application Fees:
Subject to risk of proposal and development, and term of the loan prior to starting development

Union Fidelity:
Up to 1.1%* from settlement.
0.1% of loan amount Processing Fee. (min $990)

Introducing Broker: 
Up to 1.1%* from settlement

Standard Commercial From $1 per $1000 in value with no travel

Legal Fees Std Fees From
$TBA with no existing mortgage

*Fees negotiated prior to formal application to the satisfaction of the Borrower, the Introducers and Union Fidelity in writing