Equipment Finance

Application Forms
– Company Applicants are starting a new business venture
– Equipment at the end of it’s current lease with a residual or balloon payment
-Limited financial information
– Previous credit issues
– Existing non-specialised equipment being used to raise working capital
75% of equipment realisable auction value>
Loan Amounts

to $75,000 without charge over property
to $250,000 with charge over residual of equity on residential property.

4 years with maximum 10% residual
1% establishment fee built into rate
+ valuation costs of equipment being based on the realisable auction value today
+ valuation of property being used as collateral security (if greater than $75,000 in borrowings)
+ Legal’s (at cost)
1.1% brokerage Union Fidelity + 0.01% (minimum $770) settlement Fee 
paid from settlement proceeds
1.1% brokerage Introducer paid from settlement proceeds